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Jewelry from Horse Hair













Fine jewelry made of artistically
braided tail hairs from your own horse
combined with sterling silver -
something very special.

Individual jewelry creations of unusual beauty
are created using special plaiting techniques,
which accentuate the gloss and texture of the
horse hair in an inimitable way,a braiding artistry,
that transforms stiff horse hairs into pliable and
caressable works of art.

Horsehair Jewelry by Silberschweif -
Bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings made
of horse hair, that inspire horse lovers by allowing
themto carry a small piece of their beloved horse
with them at all times in the form of a beautiful
and unique piece of jewelry.

Hair from a horse’s tail is not just hair for a
horse lover, especially when it comes from their
very own equine friend. Oftentimes it is the last
remaining memento of an enchanted time spent
with a very special and beloved companion. As such,
it deserves careful, respectful handling and the finest
workmanship available.
This is the driving philosophy of Silberschweif.

Combining each individual hair into the perfect braid is our
highest priority. Siberschweif stands for handmade perfection
and our designs allow the natural beauty of the horse hair to
come to the fore, while we accentuate and refine that beauty
with ageless silver and golden jewelry elements.

Jewelry from horse hair made by Silberschweif, with its noble
design, is not influenced by short lived fashion fads, but, with
careful handling, can retain its exquisite aura for many, many
years. Such a treasure can not only provide solace for
mourning the passing of a dear friend, but also, after a time,
represent a personal and loving reminder of happy moments
shared with a very special companion.

We find evidence of jewelry made from hair as early as in
the 16th century. The zenith of hair braiding artistry was,
however, the 18th century. There are many extraordinary
works of hair braiding art from this time period, that still exist today –
proof of the durability of quality craftsmanship.


Picture of Jubiloso the Silberschweif Horse: Lotta Katrina Hinz


Silberschweif has been creating works of art from horse
hairsince 2009. Many have imitated our ideas and
inspirations since then, which we take as a compliment to
our ingenuity. Original Silberschweif creations
remain just that; original Silberschweif creations.
The craftsmanship is distinctive, unmistakable and inimitable.

Please have a first glance on my jewelry:

Bracelet from horse hair with bayonette clasp and
three tubular beads of matted sterling silver

Armband aus Pferdehaar mit drei Silberspangen

Masterly engraved: Pony brand Schleswig-Holstein.

Armband aus Pferdehaar mit gravierter Silberspange


Neclace with a horse tooth pendant and
four tubular beads of sterling silver

Halskette aus Pferdehaar mit Süßwasserperlen

The tooth pendant was made by a goldsmith.


Pendant from horse hair with
two peaces
of curved silver tube

Kettenanhänger aus Pferdehaar


Earrings from tail hair with two tubular beads
and an ear hook of sterling silver

Creolen aus Pferdehaar


Spiral ring from tail hair with two
end caps of sterling silver

Ring aus Pferdehaar mit Endkappen aus Silber


Keyring pendant from tail hair
with two end caps of sterling silver

Anhänger aus Pferdehaar

Silberschweif - Jewelry from Horse Hair

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