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Links from Silberschweif - Horse Hair Jewelry
to other interesting websites


In 2012 I designed a simple functional slow hay feeder
which since then makes our horses happy every day:

Heutonne slow feeder 


Of my two nices Josepha and Cosima Carl aka JOCO I am
very proud. They are very talented musicians. JOCO
recorded their first album HORIZON with producer
Steve Orchard at the Abbey Road Studios in London,
released june, 5th 2015.
JOCO www.jocomusic.com


Looking for musical arrangements tailored to the special
talents of your musicians? Whether for an orchestra or a
band, look no further than Schorsch Andratzek's page:

screenshot-noten-nach-mass   www.noten-nach-mass.de


Send Mrs. Andrea Harrje a picture of your horse and she
will sculpture a lifelike protrait in ceramic clay for you:



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